Katie Hayward was born in Bury St. Edmunds in 1980.  She holds a BA(Hons) in Photography which she studied for at the University of Suffolk in Ipswich. During her studies, and with more prolificacy since graduating, Katie has been documenting the landscapes predominantly of East Anglia, but also of the overseas UK territory of Gibraltar. Her intricate and meticulous studies of these places and spaces bring to the fore the marks we leave on these landscapes and how we interact with them. Situated somewhere between fine art and documentary, her work not only explores the physicality of the landscape, but also our emotional relationship with it, exploring hints of Romanticism, Naturalism and Pictorialism within her work.  A harmony exists in her work between the visual aesthetic and the informative.  It is not only of something, but also about something.

Katie works with a broad range of photographic image capturing equipment from camera-less image creation and 35mm film cameras through to large format film and full frame digital technologies.  Her work with photography continues to broaden through an open and experimental approach to her practice and interpretation of her subject, and this aids in a deeper and more intimate understanding of the medium.   

Katie has participated in an abundance of exhibitions and has had her work featured and published by multiple platforms in physical form as well as digitally.  She is a member of Art in East Anglia, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, National Trust, Nature First Alliance and the Royal Photographic Society.  Katie continues to reside in the county of Suffolk.  She is a contributor for Millennium Images Agency London.

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